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* Area 51 * Cattle Mutilations * Conspiracy Theories
* Bill Cooper, Bill English, and John Lear * Crop Circles * Greys and other ETs
* Mars and Lunar Anomalies * Movies and Audio * The Roswell Incident
* Other Files

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UFO-Related Files

Area 51

* Area 51 Security Manual
This file is reported to be the security manual for Area 51 security personell (Cammo Dudes). However, it has not been authenticated.
* Psychology of Dreamland
Paper on how secrecy is destroying the public's faith in the government.
* S30 UFO
The UFO observed by cameras and radar at Nellis AFB, as taken from SIGHTINGS (FOX).
* a51-bigs.gif - 171K
Photograph of large sign at Area 51 prohibiting photography
* a51-devi.gif - 99K
Photograph of surveillance device at Area 51
* a51-litt.gif - 210K
Photograph of the "Little A'le'inn" in Rachel, Nevada
* a51-map.gif - 189K
Map of South Nellis AFB/ Area 51/ Lincoln County, Nevada (From Area 51 Viewers Guide, by Glenn Cambell)
* a51-mapg.jpg - 53K
Map of Area 51/Groom Lake facilities
* a51-sat.gif - 827K
Soviet spy sattellite image of Area 51/Groom Dry Lake Test Facility
* a51-satz.gif - 65K
Supposed location of underground Grey base at Area 51 (zoomed from the above image)
* a51-secu.gif - 128K
Photograph of Wackenhut Security vehicles at Area 51
* a51-smal.gif - 192K
Photograph of small signs at Area 51 prohibiting photography
* aurora.jpg - 11K
Possible photograph of Aurora test vehicle with KC-135 tanker and FB-111 escorts
* bob-laza.gif - 255K
Photograph of Bob Lazar
* glake.gif - 360K
Photograph of Area 51/Groom Dry Lake from Freedom Ridge (now closed)
* glake-zm.gif - 316K
Zoomed photograph of Area 51/Groom Dry Lake from Freedom Ridge (see the MiG-21?)
* janet1.gif - 371K
Photograph of the Janet terminal at Las Vegas, where workers at Area 51 take off from to go to work..
* janet2.gif - 295K
Another photograph of the Janet terminal at Las Vegas
* kellymin.gif - 355K
Artist's drawing of the Kelly Mine at S4, south of Groom Lake
* papoose.gif - 97K
Computer image of roads at Area 51/Groom Dry Lake
* papoose2.gif - 162K
3D Overhead computer image of Papoose Range
* tunnels.gif - 14K
Map of underground "bullet train" tunnels supposed built as high-speed transport between underground bases
* a51freq.txt - 61K
Area 51 - Frequently Asked Questions
* boblazar.txt - 265K
Bob Lazar's interview on KLAS-TV, Las Vegas
* groomtr1.txt - 48K
One man's encounter with Wackenhut Security at Area 51

Cattle and Animal Mutilations

* Cattle and Horse Mutilations
Who keeps cutting up cattle in the American Southwest, while removing blood and internal organs?

Conspiracy Theories

* Majestic Twelve
The contraversial Majestic Twelve documents: Real evidence of a conspiracy, or a hoaxed disinformation ploy?
* Mind Control
History of mind control techniques in prisons and the military
* aquariu2.txt - 47K
The Aviary, the Aquarium, Eschatology, and Psi Tech
* aquarium.txt - 11K
More on the Aquarium conspiracy
* astronau.txt - 12K
American astronaut UFO sightings hidden by NASA
* comm300.txt - 517K
The Commitee of Three Hundred and other think-tanks
* control.txt - 202K
Paper on mind control by aliens and government (rather paranoid)
* coscon.txt - 175K
* cosmicw.txt - 81K
Casualities of a Cosmic War
* covdeath.txt - 219K
A Covenant With Death
* dulce.txt - 138K
The Phoenix Project and Information on the Majestic Twelve
* ebe.txt - 99K
The Extraterrestrial Biological Entity paper
* dreamlnd.txt - 43K
Dreamland in the Rockies by Branton. Lots of ET stuff links.
* fema.txt - 21K
Paper on the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
* firesky1.txt - 233K
Fire in the Sky: Parts 1-14
* firesky2.txt - 232K
Fire in the Sky: Parts 15-30
* humanmut.txt - 35K
The Human Mutilation Factor, by Don Ecker
* ice.txt - 57K
The Ice Documents Press Conference. These are NOT the Majestic Twelve documents, but are similar in their implications.
* kennedy.txt - 138K
Assassination theories about JFK
* krill.txt - 122K
The Krill Document
* mjpheonix.txt - 53K
More information on the Majestic Twelve and the Pheonix Project
* mojave.txt 1085K
Secrets of the Mojave
* nasmanual.txt - 53K
National Security Agency's (NSA) employee manual
* pandora.txt - 40K
Interview with Alex Christopher, author of Pandora's Box and Pandora's Box II
* pentacle.txt - 15K
Contains 2 letters from Jacques Vallee and text of the Pentacle Memo
* resnick.txt - 14K
"Dead Men Tell No Tales" - The Resnick Interview with Peter Kawaja and ex-NSA agent Joe Jordan
* schneider.txt - 20K
A Lecture By Phil Schneider (recently murdered)
* serpent.txt - 115K
Cult of the Serpent
* ufo-reli.txt - 21K
A UFO conspiracy hypothesis in a religious mode
* undrgrnd.txt - 36K
Dulce & other underground bases and tunnels (Excerpt from Cosmic Top Secret by William H. Hamilton III)
* wackenhut.txt - 28K
Another story about Wackenhut Security
* wright-p.txt - 5K
Some information dealing with Wright-Patterson AFB

Bill Cooper, Bill English, and John Lear

* bcooper.txt - 237K
Paper describing Cooper's claims
* conspire.txt - 72K
The UFO Conspiracy: Bill Cooper's Majestic Twelve claims and more
* greys.txt - 17K
John Lear's speculations on Greys
* grudge.txt - 64K
Bill English's letter on The Grudge Incident
* johnlear.txt - 76K
More on John Lear's speculations on conspiracies
* learlasv.txt - 354K
John Lear's connections to Las Vega
* maji.txt - 91K
More on Cooper's claims, and information on Majestic Twelve

Crop Circles

* Crop Circles
Various English crop circles, and a short description of the phenomenon
* Crop Circle Bibliography
Listing of various books, magazines, and articles on the crop circles phenomenon
* cropfilm.avi - 2548K
* cropfilm.mpg - 927K
English film of crop circle begin formed. Small images, but high-resolution.
* cropc1.jpg - 11K
Large crop circle, with additional patterns at apexes of an equilateral triangle
* cropc2.jpg - 13K
Large crop circle, with spiderweb pattern inside
* cropc3.jpg - 24K
Large crop circle system, with circles-within-ring pattern
* stone.jpg - 53K
This crop circle formed on July 7th, 1996, adjacent to the ancient Stonehenge monument in Great Britain.
* cropcirc.txt - 106K
Information on crop circles from MUFON
* cropwat1.txt - 557K
The Crop Watcher (1)
* cropwat2.txt - 575K
The Crop Watcher (2)

Greys, Reptiliods, Pleadians, Lyrans, and Other ETs

* Alien Life Forms
Short descriptions on Greys, Chupacabras, Reptoids, and Nordics
* An Alien Harvest
An Alien Harvest: Evidence of Grey Origins and Reasons for Human Abduction
* Budd Hopkins
Science is not Always What Science Programs Do: A reply to NOVA's ET Abduction show
* Images of Greys
Images of various types of Greys, as observed by abductees
* Men in Black
Various information on Men in Black (MIBS)
* Wright-Patteron's Grey
Images and descriptions of a supposedly captured Grey (dead or alive?) from Wright-Patterson AFB. Lots of thumbnails, and takes a while to load, but worth it.
* Wright-Patteron's Vaults
More information on Wright-Patterson's vaults from an information.
* greyj.gif - 22K
Photograph of sculputure of Grey head (from FOX's Sightings)
* alien.gif - 60K
Another photograph of sculputure of Grey head
* grey2.gif - 8K
A third photograph of sculputure of Grey head
* reptile1.gif - 42K
Photograph of sculputure of Reptiliod head (also from FOX's Sightings)
* abduct1.txt - 37K
Paper on strange abduction events
* abducti2.txt - 6K
Another paper on strange abduction events
* abductpsy.txt - 38K
Clinical Discrepancies Between Expected and Observed Data in Patients Reporting UFO Abductions: Implications for Treatment
* alien-bo.txt - 4K
Listing of supposed UFO crashes and ET bodies recovered
* alien-ty.txt - 7K
Paper on different ET types
* allagash.txt - 9K
Paper on the Allagash Encounter
* etlist.txt - 79K
More ET types
* various-et.txt - 41K
More information on various ET types, including government involvement
* zeta-ret.txt - 109K
The Zeta Reticuli Incident: An astronomy paper on the Betty Hill map

Mars and Lunar Anomalies

* Life on Mars
NASA press releases on Martian fossils in meteorite
* Mars Anomalies
Mars Anomalies at Cydonia Mensae, including the Face, the City, and Phobos
* Lunar Anomolies
Lunar anomolies from NASA Technical Report R-277
* marsfos.mpg - 1010K
MPEG film of Martian fossils (from NASA)
* face&dm.jpg - 23K
Image showing the Face and the D&M pyramid in relation to each other
* largemap.jpg - 18K
Image showing the Face, the City, and the D&M pyramid on a larger map of Cydonia Mensae
* mface1.jpg - 413K
Enhancement of Viking frame 70A13, showing the Face, D&M pyramid, and part of the City at Cydonia Mensae
* mface2.jpg - 77K
Several images of the Face, with various enhancements and contrasts
* mars2.txt - 6K
SpaceNews broadcast: Mars Observer malfunction, Cydonia Mensae, and Phobos
* marsface.txt - 44K
The "Message of Cydonia": By Richard C. Hoagland

Movies and Audio Files

* building.avi - 804K
* - 786K
In a daytime video, a mysterious dark object descends behind a building at an unidentified location and time. Courtesy of the UFO Photo Archive, file #VF1463.
* mil.wav - 424K
Tape of military officer (?) describing UFOs observed in 1947
* - 849K
Copy of 911 tape of a UFO sighted in Ottowa, sighted on radar. Date unknown.
* sts48.avi - 832K
Video of Space Shuttle flight 48 (September 15, 1991). Small objects appear to be fired upon from the surface (Brilliant Pebbles Project - railgun).
* sts80.avi - 172K
Video of Sapce Shuttle flight 80 (November 19, 1996), taken on December 1, 1996, showing lightning flashes in thunderstorms, with at least one solid object that suddenly increases in brightness.
* ufoa51.avi - 1003K
* - 985K
This home video captures the image seen by James Fox and Angelika Oedekoven near Area 51 in Nevada on March 11, 1995. Video provided courtesy of James Fox.
* ufocolor.avi - 711K
* - 693K
In this video clip provided by the UFO Photo Archive, a strange colored light illuminates the night sky. The time and location of the shot are as mysterious as the source of the light. File #DN1355.
* ufogulfb.avi - 977K
* - 959K
In this clip of a sighting on September 2, 1991, hear eyewitnesses react as a mysterious light seems to drop another light. Courtesy of the Gulf Breeze Project, file #FBP.3.
* ufomex.avi - 923K
* - 905K
This daytime video, shot in Mexico City, shows an unidentified flying object as it traverses the urban skyline. The clip is referred to as file #NZ26, provided courtesy of the UFO Photo Archive.

The Roswell Incident

* USAF on the "Roswell Incident"
Offical US Air Force statement on the Roswell Incident
* roswell1.mpg - 5092K
Santilli's Alien Autopsy film - part one
* roswell2.mpg - 3027K
Santilli's Alien Autopsy film - part two
* roswell3.mpg - 2924K
Santilli's Alien Autopsy film - part three
* roswell4.mpg - 1689K
Santilli's Alien Autopsy film - part four
* airbase.jpg - 93K
Photograph of Roswell Army Air Field
* rosfilm1.jpg - 127K
Photograph frame from Santilli's Alien Autopsy Film
* rosfilm2.jpg - 235K
Photograph of four more frames from Santilli's Alien Autopsy film
* wreck.jpg - 8K
Photograph of hand-plates from Santilli's Alien Autopsy film
* gao.txt - 40K
The General Accounting Office (GAO) report on the Roswell Incident
* roswell.txt - 59K
Testimonies from witnesses at Roswell and more information

Other Files

* aav mini-FAQ - 33K
alt.alien.visitors mini FAQ
* aav FAQ - 135K
alt.alien.visitors full-sized FAQ
* Book List - 31K
List of various UFO-related books
* UFO Bibliography - 144K
A More Detailed List of Various UFO-Related Books
* atomic.txt - 56K
Instructions on building an atomic weapon. NOT RECOMENDED FOR HOME USE!!!!
* belgium.txt - 32K
Listing of the Belgian UFO sightings
* bluebook.txt - 162K
Listing of the unknown sightings from USAF Project Blue Book
* buildufo.txt - 33K
How to Build a UFO: An Essay on Speculative Engineering
* cashl1.txt - 80K
Interview with Betty Cash, Vickie and Colby Landrum by USAF personnel on 17 August 1981 at Bergstrom AFB regarding UFO encounter in 1980 near Houston, TX. This is the well-known "Cash-Landrum" case which involved apparent radiation poisoning.
* cufon-foia.txt - 155K
Computer UFO Network's (CUFON) released Freedom of Information files.
* etlaw.txt - 12K
The Extraterrestrial Expose Law: You can be arrested for being an abductee!
* et-thesis.txt - 76K
Thesis titled "UFO's and Extraterrestrial Life" submitted to the Air and Staff College of the Air (Force) University in June 1968
* firefight - 54K
Excerpt from Fire Officer's Guide to Disaster Control by William M. Kramer and Charles W. Bahme.
* foia.txt - 96K
Information on the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) for retrieving government documents
* history.txt - 113K
A brief history of the UFO phenomenon
* i-84.txt - 12K
Encounters in New England
* hynek-in.txt - 11K
An Interview with UFOlogist J. Allan Hynek
* nonleth.txt - 26K
Information on non-lethal weapons
* orvotron.txt - 168K
Orvotron newsletter (New Age, rather religous)
* psywar.txt - 104K
Psychologial Operations in Guerrilla Warfare: A tactical manual for the revolutionary that was published by the Central Intelligence Agency and distributed to the Contras in Central America.
* tbbom.txt - 280K
The Big Book of Mischief (was The Terrorist's Handbook). Good source on demolitions and home-made weapons.
* teslaufo.txt - 17K
Nikola Tesla: A Man Ahead of His Time
* ufo-thesis.txt - 194K
Thesis titled "The UFO Problem: Time for a Reassessment" submitted to the Air and Staff College of the Air (Force) University in June 1968
* USAFdoc.txt - 37K
Official USAF Academy Textbook: Chapter on UFOs
* worldufo.txt - 19K
The Confusing World of UFOlogy

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