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File: UFO980

To illustrate a little how bizarre some of the incidents are
regarding the MIB, I have assembled a short list of some of the
more interesting factors in some cases:

o An ex-Air Force man is gassed and interrogated by MIB
after he has learned classified NASA secrets.
o Closeup photos of UFOs were seized from a teenager
who is also directly threatened by MIB.
o MIB sighted in the lobby of the U.S. State Department
leave a mysterious artifact.
o MIB pose as Air Force officers to silence witnesses.
o MIB tries to buy before-hours Coke and sings to birds
in trees.
o MIB disintegrates a coin in a witness' hand and tells
him that his heart will do the same if he talks.


Throughout all this information, I have neglected to mention
some aspects of the psychology of the Greys. Dr. Paul Bennewitz,
in his original report to the government entitled Project Beta,
goes into some detail, which I will now discuss:

o The alien, either through evolvement or because the
humanoid types are made, will exhibit tendencies
for bad logic. They appear to have more frailties
and weaknesses than the normal Homo Sapien.
o They are not to be trusted.
o Because of the aliens' apparent logic system, a key
decision cannot be made without higher clearance.
All are under control of what they call The Keeper,
yet it would appear that even this is not the final
authority. Delays as long as 12-15 hours can occur
for a decision.
o Because of this apparent control, individual
instantaneous decision-making by the alien is
limited. If the plan goes even slightly out of
balance or context, they become confused. Faced with
this, possibly, the humanoids would be the first to
o Psychologically their morale is near disintegration.
There is pronounced dissension in the ranks -- even
with the humanoids.
o Because of their own internal vulnerability mind-wise
to each other, there is a basic lack of trust between
o They appear to be totally death-oriented, and because
of this, absolutely death-fear oriented. This is a
psychological advantage.
o The prime, and weakest area discovered, probed and
tested is exactly what they have used, thinking it
their key strength -- that being the manipulation of
and control of the mind. Manipulated in reverse-
psychology they face a situation where they have a
vulnerable, integrated weakness.
o They totally respect force.

Continued in part 15

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