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Review of Testor's Model S4 UFO (The sport model)

Recently released is Testor's model of Bob Lazar's craft in which he studied at
the Groom lake area S4. Reading the background research that was done prior
to the commitment of Testor's to investing the tooling for this kit is interesting.

Much of what was found by the designer of the model is already known in the
community of UFO investigators about Bob Lazar. The designer of the model and researcher
is Mr. John Andrews. I am not certain if Mr. Andrews is a full time designer for Testor's
or not but in the introduction it mentions that he has devoted much of his life to the investigation of
UFO's and the research involved.

The kit price was about $30. and was purchased as an investment. My son and I were going to
keep the box closed in it's shrink wrap but the mention on the box of information of the details
of the crafts operation and such was overwhelming.

I wish I had a scanner so I could scan the whole of the documents included or if were a serious
typer I would type it all in for dissemination along the net. It is mentioned that a video tape
and state of the art graphics is available as a video seminar by Bob Lazar portraying the components
and capabilities of the craft and its design and operation. A high resolution satellite poster of the Groom
Lake area including area S4 is also available.

For this information it says here: For information on availability please write to:
2413 S. Eastern Ave. , Ste. #225
Las Vegas, NV. 89104

Anyway, the kit seems to be very well made but, for those of you who are skilled modelers (as I) you
will be disappointed in the fact that there are not the appendages, weapons, surface tubing, landing gear scissors,rubber tires, or laser cannons as you would find on the Millennium Falcon (star wars stuff).

It seems that simplicity reigns in the conversion of energy and manipulation of gravity and space and
all that neat stuff must be left on the mother ship! (Not mentioned.)

As a kit in whole on a scale from 1 to 10, I give it a 7.
As a source of UFO information I give it an 8.
As a collectors item probably 9
...and if all of this comes out of the government wash in the next few years as I believe it will and this is
real.... I won't be able to give it a value!

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