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Washington - People have been let to believe that space aliens come from
distant planets, but nothing could be further from the truth.

In fact, these creatures are demons from Hell - and a top-secret CIA study
proves it!

The study also suggests that aliens are showing up on Earth in record numbers
to help Satan fight the final battle between good and evil, which has already

Hollywood and other irresponsible parties have duped the public into
believing that extraterrestrials have the best interests of mankind at heart,
Dr. Paul Minart, the famed physicist and UFO researcher, told reporters.

The fact is, space aliens are demons from Hell and UFOs are the 'chariots'
that enable them to ravel to the ends of the Earth, spreading their evil

But you certainly don't have to take my word for it. A long-term study
conducted by the CIA proves it.

The study in question was completed in 1993, but it took CIA experts the
better part of two years to analyze the evidence and conclude that
extraterrestrials are demons from Hell.

Nobody in Washington is talking, least of all the White House and the CIA. But
Dr. Minart produced heavy documentation, including internal CIA memos dating
back to 1971, to support his claims.

According to the expert, the CIA had reason to believe that space aliens werre
demonic forces as early as 1967. By late 1969, the agency had persuaded key
membes of Congress to set aside a secret reserve of cash for an allout

As years passed, the investigative team was able to confirm over 200 close
encounters around the world.

By 1984, they had attributed dozens of brutal murders and thousnads of
injuries to aliens.

And a growing body of evidence indicated that the aliens were demonic - evil
entities from Hell.

The first hard evidence came from the wreckage of a 'starship' that crashed
in the Arizona desert in 1975, said Dr. Minart.

There were no survivors. But in the debris, investigators found a Holy Bible
with the text written backward and numerous symbols of the occult.

The UFO appeared to have been piloted by a crew of four.

Three of the bodies were burned to a crisp.

But one was intact - and had cloven hoves for feet.

In a broader context, investigators charted UFO and alien activity around the
world. They found that aliens appeared with great frequency in war zones and
places plagued by internal strife, drought, disease and pestilence.

The obvious suggestion is that the aliens had a hand in the problems.

After consulting clergymen and theologians, including some of the best minds
at the Vatican and in the United States, the investigators decided that aliens
are troops for Satan in the final battle between good and evil, which
apparently has already begun.

As farfetched as the idea might sound to some people, it certainly fits with
the evidence.

As those of us in the UFO field know all too well, there has never been any
real proof that aliens come from outer space.

All we've really been able to say is that they aren't of this Earth.

Now, of course, all bets are off.

If the CIA is right, we can no longer sit back and observe alien activity on
Earth. We know what they are here for.

And we know that if we value life, if we value hope and all that is good in
the world, we have to mobilize - and fight.

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