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SPACE ALIENS ABDUCTING EARTH WOMEN and forcing them to have sex
by; Lisa Merakis

Space aliens are kidnapping our women and forcing them to have
sex-because they want to produce a hybrid being!

That's the shocking contention of UFO expert Dr.Andrew Messelmann, a
noted Swiss scientist who has interviewed more than 100 UFO abductees.

The Geneva physicist, who is the author of the book UFO Nightmare
says that an amazing 38 out of 47 women he interviewed reported having
sex while aboard the alien spaceship that snatched them, and 42 of 63
male abductees described similar experiences.

It was humiliating, one abductee-Ariana Messina of Naples, Italy told
Messelmann in a 1992 interview. They kept tearing at my underware with
slimy little hands.

They ha me paralyzed on a table and I could do nothing to protect
myself. I've tried to forget it, but I keep having nightmares. I was
forced into sex by space aliens, I know I was.

The terrifying attacks have been occurring with increasing frequency,
Dr. Messelmann says, and appear to represent an attempt by the aliens
to interbreed with humans.

There's an aggressive campaign among aliens to have sex with
earthlings, said Dr. Messelmann. And it should be a matter of grave
concern to us what the purpose of this behavior is.

So far, none of the Earth women have become pregnant from their sexual
contacts, but we simply don't know what has happened to the males. For
all we know, right now there may be dozens of half-human, half-space
alien babies living on another planet that have been created by the
interspecies sex.

Dr. Messelmann's mind-boggling charges are the result of 15 years of
extensive interviews with UFO abductees from all over the world. The
scientist says he contacted people who had reported being whisked
aboard spaceships and examined by aliens, tape recording accounts of
their experiences.

Over and over again, the abduction victims described being molested or
seduced by aliens. The sexual encounters were recalled as brief, cold
and clinical.

The accounts suprised me because before 1977 we never heard of any
sexual encounters during abductions, Dr. Messelmann said. After that
year sex becomes the rule, not the exception. Several kidnapping
victims engaged in conversations with the aliens in which they were
told the purpose of these rapes: The aliens want to create a new
species. They want to conduct tests on half-breed children of humans
and space aliens, possibly to find out if they would be useful as
slaves or drones. It's a sinister plan from the human point of view.
The helpless offspring of these assaults may well be facing a nightmare

Dr. Messelmann says he is carefully interviewing recent abductees to
find out of any have spotted half-human, half-alien beings during their
abductions or had conversations which might shed light upon the
breeding program. We know they were after mankind's secrets, Dr.
Messelmann said. But now they're actually after our children. It's a
terrifying thought.


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